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Faculty Publication: Assistant Professor of Psychology Thomas Le

March 12, 2024

Asian American Women's Racial Dating Preferences: An Investigation of Internalized Racism, Resistance and Empowerment against Racism, and Desire for Status

Authors: Le, Thomas P; Ahn, Lydia HaRim 

Source: Sex Roles (2024).

Publication Type: Journal Article

Abstract: Asian American women’s racialized dating choices have drawn widespread attention both in academic and public spheres. However, little empirical research has examined racially relevant sociocultural factors that may affect this population’s dating and physical attraction preferences. To further understand racialized desire among this underrepresented population, the present study examined the extent to which three sociocultural factors (i.e., internalized racism, resistance and empowerment against racism, and desire for status) were associated with two attraction outcome variables (i.e., dating preferences, physical attraction) across four racial categories of men: Asian men, Black men, Latino men, and White men. Cross-sectional data were collected from a sample of 207 Asian American women who completed an online survey. Path analyses showed that internalized racism was associated with stronger dating preference toward White men and weaker dating preference and physical attraction to Asian men. Resistance and empowerment were associated with stronger dating preference for Black and Latino men as well as stronger physical attraction toward Asian, Black, and Latino men. Desire for status was negatively associated with a preference for dating Black men. The results of our study emphasize the importance of considering racially relevant factors that may be associated with Asian American women’s racialized dating and physical attraction preferences. Implications related to addressing internalized racism and emphasizing the strengths of Asian American women are discussed.