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Faculty Publication: Assistant Professor of Psychology Thomas P. Le

November 7, 2023

Sexual, Gendered, and Internalized Racism's Associations With Disordered Eating Among Sexual Minority Asian American Men: Emotional Eating as Mediator

Authors: Le, Thomas P.; Jin, Lily; Kang, Naru

Source: Eating Disorders: The Journal of Treatment and Prevention, Volume 31, Nov. 2023, Page 533-552, DOI 10.1080/10640266.2023.2201024

Type of Publication: Article

Abstract: Research related to disordered eating among sexual minority Asian American men is scarce. Thus, the present study utilized an intersectional framework to examine how three different forms of racism (i.e. sexual racism, gendered racism, and internalized racism) are associated with disordered eating among sexual minority Asian American men, as well as the mediating role of emotional eating. A cross-sectional survey containing the study's measures of interest were administered to participants. The final sample consisted of 180 sexual minority Asian American men. Both sexual racism and internalized racism were positively associated with disordered eating whereas gendered racism was not associated with disordered eating Emotional eating mediated the association between internalized racism and disordered eating, though it did not mediate the association between sexual racism and disordered eating. Researchers and practitioners are encouraged to utilize an intersectional framework that takes into account multiple forms of racism, especially sexual racism and internalized racism, when considering this underrepresented population's disordered eating. Results also demonstrate the importance of addressing racism in eating disorder prevention efforts among sexual minority Asian American men.