Faculty Publication: Associate Professor of Mathematics Djordje Milićević

May 23, 2022

"Twelfth Moment of Dirichlet L-Functions to Prime Power Moduli"

Authors: Milićević, Djordje; White, Daniel

Source: Annali Della Scoula Normale Superiore Di Pisa-Classe Di Scienze, Volume 22,  Issue 4, Pages 1879-1898,  Published 2021

Publication Type: Journal Article

Abstract: We prove the q-aspect analogue of Heath-Brown's result on the twelfth power moment of the Riemann zeta function for Dirichlet L-functions to odd prime power moduli. Our results rely on the p-adic method of stationary phase for sums of products and complement Nunes' bound for smooth square free moduli.

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