GSSWSR Publication: Doctoral Student Sangeun Lee

July 6, 2022

"Asian Americans with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) and COVID-19 Racism"

Author: Lee, Sangeun

Source: Lessons in Social Equity A Case Study Bookpublished by Birkdale Publishers and edited by Richard Greggory Johnson III and Seth J. Meyer, 2022

Type of Publication: Chapter in a Book

Abstract: In the twenty-first century, the most pressing, wicked problems all involve social equity issues. To better train MPA and Ph.D. students in fostering social equity, they must be exposed to the complex dynamics involved in diagnosing, understanding, and resolving inequities. Reading and debating case studies is often the best way to facilitate classroom education on social equity. Still, to date, no such accessible compilation exists. This edited volume was created to address this need. Chapter 13 discusses Asian Americans' challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic by introducing an Asian American family as a case study.

Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research

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