Social Work's Jim Martin on How Colleges Recognize the Loss of Community Members

April 13, 2021

Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research Professor Jim Martin was among the experts Inside Higher Ed turned to for an article on the complex issues faced by colleges when a campus experiences the loss of a community member due to COVID-19 or some other cause. 

Martin's research and scholarly interests include military- and veteran-connected behavioral health, loss and grief across the life course, aspects of grief leadership among military leaders and senior first responders, as well as mental health issues related to interpersonal violence.

From the article:

"Leaders at an institution can help by recognizing grief as a process and allowing people to express emotions and recognize loss," said Jim Martin, a professor of social work at Bryn Mawr College who writes about grief leadership. "Leading through grief can also mean allowing for a sense of hope and celebration, a sense that there will be a moving forward," he said.

Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research