Social Work's Meagan Corrado Hosts Event Focused on Storiez Trauma Narrative Intervention

February 20, 2019
Group photo with Meagan Corrado

On Feb. 8, Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research faculty member Meagan Corrado hosted a "community conversation" in conjunction with her Storiez Trauma Narrative Intervention.

Storiez supports young survivors of complex trauma as they create, voice, and honor their narratives. At the event, GSSWSR students as well as seasoned therapists, teachers, social workers, advocates, artists, and community leaders engaged in interdisciplinary dialogue about the role of creativity in helping trauma survivors heal.  

"In this new era of trauma-informed care, we have become astute observers of clients’ trauma," Corrado says. "But sometimes we forget to look for the strengths. The sources of resilience. The creativity. Where there are stories of trauma, there are always stories of strength and resilience … stories of creativity."

Bryn Mawr's GSSWSR is distinguished by its dedication to fine teaching, attentiveness to individual students, and high academic standards within a liberal arts tradition. Founded in 1915, the GSSWSR has from its inception embraced scholarship, practice, and collaboration within a broad construction of social work and social welfare.

Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research

From the Alumnae Bulletin

Storiez is Social Work in Action

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