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Spring Break Project Looks to Diversify Library Collections

March 28, 2022
Students visit Uncle Bobbie's book store.

A group of student interns joined Library and Information Technology Services librarians and spent their spring break visiting Philadelphia bookstores Uncle Bobbie's and Giovanni's Room as well as the Bryn Mawr College Bookstore and the local public library as they learned about the work involved with efforts to diversify the offerings in Bryn Mawr's libraries. The internship culminated in students selecting 120 new books for the library collections from the two stores.

Giovanni's Room

The participants put together a Padlet about the experience that includes information on the bookstores they visited, student reflections on the experience, book selections, and more.

"Before this internship, I did not realize that there is an immense amount of time, labor, and care necessary for a book to arrive on a shelf and, eventually, into my hands," writes Darpan Chahal '24.