Staff Recognized for Service at Annual Picnic

June 21, 2022

Last week the College held its annual staff picnic at which, in addition to getting together for food and to catch up with one another, staff are recognized for their service to Bryn Mawr.

The McPherson Award for Excellence, which recognizes excellence and service to the community, was given to Millicent Bond, from Alumnae Relations and Development; Paul Hintz, from Science Support Services, and Tanisha Powell, from Housekeeping. 

The Service/Craft Appreciation Award was awarded for the first time. The award was established in 2022 by the family of Professor of English Michael Tratner, who were in attendance. Tratner died from pancreatic cancer in August 2021. In presenting the awards, Director of Human Resources Martin Mastascusa pointed out that Tratner "was an advocate for all staff being treated as important members of the College community." Service/Craft Appreciation Awards went to: Marsadies Lee, Housekeeping; John Michael Kelley, Campus Safety; Charles H. Scales, Transportation; Robert Schlosman, Dining Services; and Robert M. Verdon, Facilities. 

The below staff members were recognized for their years of service to the College:

Five years of service:

Abdul Askew  Alan Blake  Joseph Bonino
Catharine Brown  Nina Fichera  Sinclair Herman
Lloyd Labowitz  Libbie Lakeman  Donna MacIntosh 
Meredith McAloon  Eduardo Sanchez, Sr.  Thomas Tirendi 
Jennifer Walters Copeland Waugh Aaron Windhorst
Jodee Winger  Christian Zavisca  Arnold Zimmerman 

Ten years of service:

Gillian Baillie  Millicent Bond  Rebecca Bramen
Julie Carlson  Sarah Conner-Smith  Antoinette Harrison
Rachel Heiser David Holland  Betsy Horner 
Michael Hyduke  Harold Lattore  Barry O’Keefe 
Daniel Shappell  Rebecca Shelton 

Fifteen years of service:

Kordell Alexander  Lee Brown  Cynthia Cade 
Bryan Jackson  Joanne Maleno Patricia Rutecki 
Terry Small  Kathleen Surkin  Patricia Wilkins
Christa Williams Michael Williams 

Twenty years of service:

Sharon Bain Lisa Camma David Chase 
Richard Clow David Consiglio  Christine Eigenbrot
Elaine Gaspare Sheila Gillin  Dianne Johnson 
Reggie Jones Diane McLaughin Polan Mitchell 
Patricia O’Donnell  Rhiain Rice 

Twenty-five years of service:

David Bertagni Paul Dolhancryk Stephen Magee
James McDevitt  Joann O’Doherty Janet Shapiro  Ellen Trantas 

Thirty years of service:

Judith Balthazar  Berry Chamness  Ann Diaz-Barriga
Kimberly DiGiovanni  James Kent  Steven Sensenich
Karen Willcox 

Thirty-five years of service:

Ralph DelGiudice  Steven Green  Carrise Mangano 
Mary Osirim  Arthur Taylor 

Forty years of service:

Mark Watson 

Interested in working at Bryn Mawr College? Visit our Human Resources site for a listing of available openings. 

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