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Virtual Dance Class Keeps Students Engaged and Connected

April 13, 2020

The students in Bethany Formica Bender's modern dance course haven't let the coronavirus crisis stop them. The class has continued to meet via Zoom. And while bedrooms and rec rooms may not have the ambiance of the Pembroke Dance Studio, class members continue to maintain their spirits and motivate each other. There have even been some Bryn Mawr alums who have dropped in to be part of the class. #BrynMawrAtHome

Practice along in the video below and scroll down to read comments from some of the participants. 

"Being able to continue to dance with the people in this class has kept me grounded over these past few weeks. The shift in space—from the studio to our own little squares of floor—hasn't impacted the sense of community in the slightest, although it is definitely not the same as taking class with everyone in person; it is dearly missed. Despite that loss, learning new movement and adapting it for where I am has become a new skill set, and I am so thankful that we are able to move together through it all." —Aubrey Donsich '20.

"I really appreciate the opportunity to continue going to a dance class that I am already familiar with during this time. While dance is not necessary for me to stay fit, thanks to online workouts, it serves as an important coping mechanism and an alternate form of exercise." —Calumina McCondochie '21.

"For me, being able to do this class online has provided me with a way to routinely keep moving and stay connected to my classmates. This has helped me greatly mentally as dance is one of my outlets for stress management. Getting up and moving vigorously also helps me focus better overall, especially now that I’m sitting around much more than I usually am. In addition, it’s been wonderful seeing all of my classmates and professor whom I miss very much." —Kyra Booth '22.

"I believe that dance has the power to move people, to heal people, to enrich and empower communities and connect us socially. Trying to accomplish this virtually has been challenging as we are all isolated in different time zones and different living situations, and we have new priorities given the magnitude of the crisis. Surprisingly, being able to connect online twice a week has been heartwarming; it has helped alleviate the isolation we’re all feeling, and has given us a glimpse into each other’s lives through a completely different lens. My week is always better because of my students, and that continues even in this environment. I look forward to the time when we can once again share real space and time together." —Bethany Formica.

The Dance Program offers a rich array of dance experiences for the many and diverse students who choose Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges. It welcomes the newcomer as well as supports the continuing progress of trained dancers.

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