"As Japanese Breakfast, Michelle Zauner writes sparkling, opulent dream pop about grief and love (and, occasionally, robots)," writes NPR.
Valladares' other honors include a Pushcart Prize Nomination; her poem “CUNY Writers Reading Against Austerity” was published in PSCuny’s Clarion.
"If we are unable to protect these Dreamers, we will be shutting the door to an entire generation of individuals who seek to contribute their best to America.”
"People assume that the benefits of doing Reiki are not tangible, when in actuality the benefits are endless: clarity, a still mind, reduced stress and anxiety, a healthier immune system," Liana says.
IF, THEN is a character driven novel set in a speculative landscape, in the vein of Tom Perrota's THE LEFTOVERS.
A political science major at Bryn Mawr, Diamond is the president of Campus Philly.
Student-run clubs and organizations are at the heart of Bryn Mawr's on-campus community.
Byers' research interests include clinical practice with adolescents and emerging adults, developmental theory, LGBTQ mental health and intersectionality, and more.
"It's not an issue of legality, but of democracy, freedom and legitimacy," Song is quoted as saying on the Catalan News Agency website.
Hausmann-Stabile is an expert in qualitative research methods applied to studying suicidal girls receiving services in health and mental health settings in the U.S.


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