Manroocha Singh and Professor Jane Chandlee
Manroocha Singh ’18 hopes to translate her experience as a student consultant with the Teaching and Learning Institute as she pursues a career in education.
McDonogh appeared on the WHYY program "The Pulse."
Chemistry and math double major Haley Varnum '19 competes in three sports, does undergraduate research, and is enrolled in a combined A.B./M.A.
Annabelle Working at Argonne National Laboratory
Annabelle was awarded the APS March Meeting Travel Award. She conducted her research with Professor of Physics Xuemei May Cheng.
Pulitzer Prize Medal
Horwitz covers the Justice Department for The Post and Leonnig is a national investigative reporter focused on the White House and government accountability.
Bryn Mawr banner
A transformational gift from Joanna Berwind Creamer, M.S.S. '16 will help fund the development of the curriculum.
Poster for Mr. Burns, a Post-Electric Play
Mr. Burns takes us back to the origins of fireside storytelling, meditates on passion plays and pop culture, and imagines what the theater might one day become.
Zoila Regalado and Maria Vivanco pour over a book with a Willard Elementary School student in the school library.
Four Bryn Mawr students are volunteering at Willard Elementary School to provide mentorship and guidance to local students.
Sonali De Rycker
Accel partner Sonali De Rycker, took the #95 rank thanks in part to her early investment in Avito, the Russian version of Craigslist. She majored in economics at Bryn Mawr.
ping pong team with trophy
Members of the team have never played competitively until this year and now find themselves headed to the national championships.


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