ASA Culture Show Examines What's "Lost & Found"
On Tuesday, March 1, the Asian Student Association hosted its annual culture show. This theme of the year’s show was “Lost & Found.”
I started coding when I started school, at age 5. My school had a computer lab full of TRS-80 Color Computers.
2016 annual CAA conference in Washington, D.C.
The world’s largest forum for the visual arts and best-attended international conference in the field saw many participants this year with a connection to Bryn Mawr.
Centered around Greek philosopher Thucydides' recounting of the Mytilenian Debate, Saxonhouse’s talk posed several critical questions.
A group of approximately 30 Bryn Mawr students attended the February 27 matinee performance of the musical Pippin!

Fall Break Information

If you are in the area and need health care during fall break:

Emergency Care

For emergency care you should go to the nearest emergency room.  If you are on campus, call Campus Safety (610-526-7911) for transportation to Bryn Mawr Hospital Emergency Room.


For non-emergent medical care, you can call a physician’s office for an appointment.  The following local physician has agreed to see Bryn Mawr College students:

Anne Claire Grammer ’16
Anne Claire Grammer ’16 is presenting research on different aspects of eating disorders in both New York and San Francisco in the coming months.
Suffragist Image from Bryn Mawr Library
The Thorne School provides excellent learning opportunities for Bryn Mawr students interested in education, psychology, and social work.
With the help of Director of Science Services Richard Willard, Theater Major Sam Wall ’17 has been able to continue to hone a valuable set design skill.


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