Research by Psychology's Heejung Park argues that today's teens are less likely to engage in adult activities like having sex and drinking alcohol than teens from older generations.
Choom Boom, Bryn Mawr's Kpop Dance group, merges a multitude of music and dance genres, like pop, R&B, and rock, into Kpop dance pieces.
The Wall Street Journal's Melissa Korn reported on a new analysis of student debt from the the Institute for College Access and Success:
The illuminated art event, which featured more than 900 lanterns affixed to 27 pedicabs, helped the students observe how art transforms our understanding of ordinary objects around us.

The Politics of Mourning

The Pulitzer Prize jury named The Politics of Mourning: Death and Honor in Arlington National Cemetery by Micki McElya ’94 as a 2017 finalist for general nonfiction. Cited as “a luminous investigation of how policies and practices at Arlington National Cemetery have mirrored the nation’s fierce battles over race, politics, honor, and loyalty,” McElya’s latest tells the story of the country’s official resting place.

Man of the Hour

As an Army chemist in World War I, James B. Conant oversaw the production of poison gas. As Harvard’s president, he championed meritocracy and open admissions. As an advisor to FDR, he led the cause for the U.S. entrance into World War II. As administrative director of the Manhattan Project, he oversaw the development of the atomic bomb. As Eisenhower’s high commissioner to Germany, he was one of the architects of Cold War policy.

The Renaissance Dialogue

The Renaissance Dialogue, edited by Roberta Ricci, is a celebration of the 500th anniversary of Orlando Furioso’s publication. This monograph stresses the role Ariosto played in remapping knowledge in 16th-century Italy. Contributors include Bryn Mawr College Professors Roberta Ricci and David Cast. (NEMLA Italian Studies, Vol. XXXViii, 2016)


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