Colonialism and Modern Architecture in Germany

Coming late to the imperialist game, Germany acquired African colonies—in present-day Namibia, Tanzania, Cameroon, and elsewhere—only in the 1880s and promptly lost them with the Treaty of Versailles. Despite the brevity of its empire, its colonial venture had an enduring impact on architectural practice with the functionalist, less-is-more aesthetic associated with modernism.

Shi works on Chinese art, archaeology, and material culture, with an emphasis on the early and medieval period.
Sullivan's research focuses on explorations of gender, sexuality, and difference in literary cultures of the African diaspora.
Lee's research is in the area of modern architecture and the built environment, specializing in Europe and the Americas from the 18th to 20th centuries.
Assistant Professor of Sociology Piper Sledge was featured on "Our Bodies, Our Gender" episode of The Pulse podcast.
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Assistant Professor of Social Work Carolina Hausmann-Stabile studies pediatric suicidal behaviors, with a particular focus on Latina adolescents.
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