Man of the Hour

As an Army chemist in World War I, James B. Conant oversaw the production of poison gas. As Harvard’s president, he championed meritocracy and open admissions. As an advisor to FDR, he led the cause for the U.S. entrance into World War II. As administrative director of the Manhattan Project, he oversaw the development of the atomic bomb. As Eisenhower’s high commissioner to Germany, he was one of the architects of Cold War policy.

The Renaissance Dialogue

The Renaissance Dialogue, edited by Roberta Ricci, is a celebration of the 500th anniversary of Orlando Furioso’s publication. This monograph stresses the role Ariosto played in remapping knowledge in 16th-century Italy. Contributors include Bryn Mawr College Professors Roberta Ricci and David Cast. (NEMLA Italian Studies, Vol. XXXViii, 2016)

Newsmaker: Roy W. Howard

Newsmaker: Roy W. Howard, the Mastermind Behind the Scripps-Howard News Empire From the Gilded Age to the Atomic Age is the story of the man who built the Scripps-Howard news empire. 

Based on 50 years of Roy Howard’s privately held diaries, and thousands of pages of memoranda, Patricia Dranow Beard ’64 takes the reader behind the scenes of a turbulent era, and provides background on the role of journalism in the digital age. (Lyons Press, 2016)

The Last Battle

In The Last Battle by Tamar Anolic ’03, a top-ranking Army officer, Col. Zac Madison, grapples with PTSD, a dysfunctional family, and the VA’s bureaucracy. Then, she learns that she'll be called to testify against her mentor, a general now charged with treason. (CreateSpace, 2017)

Colonialism and Modern Architecture in Germany

Coming late to the imperialist game, Germany acquired African colonies—in present-day Namibia, Tanzania, Cameroon, and elsewhere—only in the 1880s and promptly lost them with the Treaty of Versailles. Despite the brevity of its empire, its colonial venture had an enduring impact on architectural practice with the functionalist, less-is-more aesthetic associated with modernism.

Jie Shi
Shi works on Chinese art, archaeology, and material culture, with an emphasis on the early and medieval period.
Mecca Jamilah Sullivan
Sullivan's research focuses on explorations of gender, sexuality, and difference in literary cultures of the African diaspora.


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