Assistant Professor of Social Work Carolina Hausmann-Stabile
“Many girls direct aggression that they have learned to use in their environments and resolve conflicts through their bodies," Hausmann-Stabile tells WHYY.
Michelle Francl
Chemistry's Michelle Francl is among the experts Chemical & Engineering News turned to for an article on the ways in which science can help us to "smell the past."
Erika Guadalupe Núñez '13, who graduated with a degree in fine arts from Haverford College, designed a poster to help residents know their rights when approached by local police or immigration agents.
Since students are permitted to decorate the glass (with water-based paint), the hallways become virtual art galleries!
Frank Mallory
During his 54-year tenure at the College, Frank served as chair of his department for 10 years and as President Emeritus Pat McPherson’s first Academic Deputy to the President.
Nicole was a participant in the 2015 360° "Climate Change: Science and Politics," taught by Hager, Professor of Geology Don Barber, and Professor of Philosophy Bob Dostal.
Jessica Harris
A professor at Queens College-CUNY, Harris has more than a dozen cookbooks to her name.
Leaders of Bryn Mawr's Self Government Association
Alani Hicks-Bartlett '05, M.A. '06
Hicks-Bartlett will use her 2017-18 fellowship to continue her project titled "The Cure Gone Awry: Gender, Dis/ability, and the Ailing Empire."
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Providing a broad-based education in which digital skills are developed throughout the entire curriculum and a wide array of co-curricular experiences is key, write Bryn Mawr's president and CIO.


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