Michelle Francl
Chemistry's Michelle Francl is among the experts Chemical & Engineering News turned to for an article on the ways in which science can help us to "smell the past."
Erika Guadalupe Núñez '13, who graduated with a degree in fine arts from Haverford College, designed a poster to help residents know their rights when approached by local police or immigration agents.
Since students are permitted to decorate the glass (with water-based paint), the hallways become virtual art galleries!
Frank Mallory
During his 54-year tenure at the College, Frank served as chair of his department for 10 years and as President Emeritus Pat McPherson’s first Academic Deputy to the President.
Nicole was a participant in the 2015 360° "Climate Change: Science and Politics," taught by Hager, Professor of Geology Don Barber, and Professor of Philosophy Bob Dostal.
Jessica Harris
A professor at Queens College-CUNY, Harris has more than a dozen cookbooks to her name.
Leaders of Bryn Mawr's Self Government Association
Alani Hicks-Bartlett '05, M.A. '06
Hicks-Bartlett will use her 2017-18 fellowship to continue her project titled "The Cure Gone Awry: Gender, Dis/ability, and the Ailing Empire."
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Providing a broad-based education in which digital skills are developed throughout the entire curriculum and a wide array of co-curricular experiences is key, write Bryn Mawr's president and CIO.
Family Weekend!
Hundreds of family members and guests visited Bryn Mawr earlier this month to spend time with the Mawrters they love and to see first hand what life is like on campus.


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