Student-run clubs and organizations are at the heart of Bryn Mawr's on-campus community.
 David S. Byers
Byers' research interests include clinical practice with adolescents and emerging adults, developmental theory, LGBTQ mental health and intersectionality, and more.
Rosi Song
"It's not an issue of legality, but of democracy, freedom and legitimacy," Song is quoted as saying on the Catalan News Agency website.
Carolina Hausmann-Stabile
Hausmann-Stabile is an expert in qualitative research methods applied to studying suicidal girls receiving services in health and mental health settings in the U.S.
Fellows are selected from past AWM presidents, AWM Lifetime Service Award winners, and/or AWM Humphreys Award winners.
Madeline Perry ’19
Computer Science is on track to be one of the most popular departments at the College, hitting a record amount of major declarations this past year.
Ruben is teaching an Emily Balch Seminar on "Poverty, Affluence, and American Culture" during the fall 2017 semester.
healthy bowl
Healthy eating and customizable meals are two of the new trends in campus dining highlighted in a recent Philadelphia Inquirer piece that includes Bryn Mawr.
Beverly J. Lange ’67
Lange is an Emeritus Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Pennsylvania and served on the faculty at The Children's Hopsital of Philadelphia for over 40 years.
Postbac Premed logo
This past summer, the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine became the 18th consort school and the first dental school to join the program in many years.


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