Mary Schultz '12
Mary's doctoral research focuses on understanding the past 20-million-year climatic and tectonic evolution of the Mount Everest region in the central Himalayan Mountains.
Cheryl Lynn Horsey
Horsey is currently Vice President for Enrollment and Student Services at Gwynedd Mercy University, where she has held a variety of leadership positions over the past sixteen years.

Good Girls Marry Doctors

Piyali Bhattacharya ’07 was at dinner, listening to her friends—all Asian women—talk about their families, and the words she heard over and over were obedience and rebellion.

As she listened, Bhattacharya, writer-in-residence at Vanderbilt University, hatched an idea—and a title—for Good Girls Marry Doctors, an anthology 
of stories from South 
Asian women.

No Way Out But Through

In No Way Out But Throughher third collection of poems, Lynne Sharon Schwartz, M.A. '61, mines the realms of dreams and childhood and the ironies of daily life.

“These poems have the immediacy and poignance of the best photographs, clear, haunting, trustworthy,” writer Patricia Hampl said of Schwartz's work. (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2016)

Hominin Skull
Research finds for first time that another species of hominin survived alongside the first humans in Africa.
Graduate Students in the Humanities
New Digital Scholarship initiative offers a host of research opportunities for Bryn Mawr’s Graduate Group in Archaeology, Classics and History of Art
2017 Student Academic Awards
The awards and scholarships cited include honors bestowed by Bryn Mawr as well as those given by outside organizations.
Lindsey Marinello Sitting on a Bench
Lindsey Marinello ’17 will further her passions for Russian and space exploration in Almaty, Kazakhstan as a recipient of the prestigious Boren Scholarship.
Russian and Political Science major Zahabya Mama ’17 has been awarded a Boren Scholarship to study Russian in Kazakhstan for the 2017-2018 academic year.


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