French and Francophone Studies Stories

Olivia Flores

Bryn Mawr in Focus: Olivia Flores '26

Hometown: Napa, CA

"There are so many different interests and parts of yourself you’ll find at Bryn Mawr that you don't even know exist yet."

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Amara Gregorek '23

Interned with DOROT

"In high school I volunteered at DOROT, where I interned this summer, and found a community that is still very close to my heart today. Seeing that Bryn Mawr had so many volunteer initiatives and similar clubs like Adopt-A-Grandparent drew me to the school and ultimately helped me to make my decision to attend Bryn Mawr." 

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Gabrielle Farrell '12


"The culture at Bryn Mawr: the Honor Code, being able to trust your neighbor, standing up for the little guy ... it does inspire and motivate me to keep going."

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Molly Seavy-Nesper ’12

Molly Seavy-Nesper ’12


She describes the College as “a gift of four years where I could focus on myself and my friendships and my academic interests. … So by the time that I was out in the ‘real world,’ I was already fully formed, and I wasn't going to change because of patriarchy.”

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