Latin American, Iberian, and Latina/o Studies Stories

Emma Carney '25

Major Moment: Economics and Latin American Studies with Emma Carney '25

Hometown: Davis, CA

"I didn’t know that I would be majoring in Latin American Studies when I came to Bryn Mawr, it was an interest that emerged organically over time."

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hand-painted banner reading "feminismo" held by women at an outdoor march

360°: Feminisms in Latin America

As part of a genealogy of feminisms within the Global South, feminisms in Latin America have critically engaged with mainstream euro-centric feminist debates but also contributed theoretical, political, epistemological, and socio-cultural approaches and tools to identify, examine, interrogate, contest, and dismantle structural oppressions.

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Olivia Flores

Olivia Flores '26

Hometown: Napa, CA

"There are so many different interests and parts of yourself you’ll find at Bryn Mawr that you don't even know exist yet."

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