360° - Anthropology Stories

A hand-drawn open mouth with a tounge sticking out. The tounge is divided into colored sections labeled clockwise from left "nation", "memory", "politics", "class", "history", "culture", and at the center, "self".

360°: Taste

What are the stories behind the flavors that we taste? How much of taste is individual, and how much is social? Why do some flavors taste good to us, while others don't? Why do different people sometimes have very different reactions to the same foods? How do taste preferences change across space and over time?

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Photograph of Cahokia, showing pathways around two hills with woods in the foreground.

360°: Origins of Freedom

How might human beings live according to nature? Is property natural? Is freedom or unfreedom? How can studying human societies in the past inform collective organization in the present?

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Songzanlin Temple

360°: Borderlands

This cluster focuses on the core issue of borderland encounters, and addresses a variety of common themes such as the concept and nature of borderlands, cultural exchange, power relations, ethnic experience, human- environmental interactions, and (trans)nationalism.

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