360° - French and Francophone Studies Stories

Comic books

360°: Trauma and Resilience through Comics

This 360° pulls together theoretical perspectives on comics, narration, trauma, and recovery to explore critical dimensions of the global experience of trauma, with a focus on interdisciplinary understandings of suffering and survival.

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book and headphones

360°: Constraints: Storytelling in the Digital Age

This cluster is based on the theoretical and interdisciplinary work that suggests that humans think in the form of stories.

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Port Cities 360 in Marseille

360°: The Mediterranean as a Crossroads: History, Migrations, Identities

This 360°, composed of courses in History and French, examines the social, historical, artistic and cultural shape of the Mediterranean through the study of circum-Mediterranean port-cities and their populations.

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Stethoscope and heart

360°: To Protect the Health of the Public

This 360° has as its goal a deepened understanding of public health. To do so, we offer three courses that focus on policy, history, culture, the place and power of government, and public and personal responsibility.

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Photograph of Cahokia, showing pathways around two hills with woods in the foreground.

360: Origins of Freedom

How might human beings live according to nature? Is property natural? Is freedom or unfreedom? How can studying human societies in the past inform collective organization in the present?

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Angoulême France skyline

360°: Transplants

This cluster uses multidisciplinary tools from language and culture, literature, and environmental science to reveal histories hidden in and around the city of Angoulême, France.

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Four students walk down a dirt road with brightly colored two-storey buildings on either side.

360°: African Traditions

Healing in a Globalized World

Students will explore the ways in which African societies are trying to overcome colonial legacies, promote well-being, and contribute to fashioning our interconnected world.

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Children's handprints

360°: Learning and Narrating Childhoods

Incorporating a visit to the Titagya school in rural Ghana, this 360° explores how children grow and develop in different contexts (e.g. schools, communities, households) and cultures (e.g., the United States, West Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa) and how this growth and development is conceptualized and represented–in texts and theories–mainly by adults, across cultures and fields of study.

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