360° - Geology Stories

Two students observe a large blue gem

360°: Minerals, Museums, and Western Colonialism

This 360 will examine that question in the context of Bryn Mawr College’s mineral collection: more than 40,000 specimens, most of which were sampled in the mid- to late-19th century.

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Wind turbines and solar panels

360°: Renewable Energy

In an effort to shift focus toward a more scientific approach to renewable energy, this two-course 360° gave students the opportunity to explore energy alternatives from a data-driven perspective.

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Group of 360 students in the field

360°: Temperate and Tropical Coasts in Transition

Coastlines, by definition transitional environments, are naturally dynamic and resilient. But climate change, sea level rise and shifting species distributions are now causing rapid physical and ecological changes to the world’s coasts. Anticipating and addressing these changes requires understanding the physical, chemical and biological processes that interact at the land-sea boundary. (Taught 2014-15; 2017; 2020; 2024)

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Four people stand in the foreground of a glacier lake

360°: Energy Afterlives

What comes in the wake of energy extraction? This cluster will examine the afterlives of coal, oil, and nuclear energy through the lenses of the arts, political science, and earth science.

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Students lined up in front of sculptural sign reading "Volcan Masaya"

360°: Nicaragua: Places and Names

This cluster focuses on the rich geologic and linguistic history and present of Nicaragua to explore the ongoing interconnectedness between landscape and language.

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Students and faculty from the 360° Climate Change: Science and Politics course cluster.

360°: Climate Change: Science and Politics

This cluster integrates philosophical, scientific, and policy perspectives to highlight both the complexity of climate change and the many innovative ideas being developed to address it worldwide.

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Professor Arlo Weil

360°: Origin Stories

This year-long cluster explores the intersections of scientific, philosophic and humanistic ways of thinking about, writing about, and visually representing ways we look at origin stories.

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