360° - History Stories

hand-painted banner reading "feminismo" held by women at an outdoor march

360°: Feminisms in Latin America

As part of a genealogy of feminisms within the Global South, feminisms in Latin America have critically engaged with mainstream euro-centric feminist debates but also contributed theoretical, political, epistemological, and socio-cultural approaches and tools to identify, examine, interrogate, contest, and dismantle structural oppressions.

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Stethoscope and globe

360°: Struggles for Global Health Equity

This 360° aims to help students begin to understand both significant problems of and promising approaches to the practice–and study–of community health promotion.

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Illustration of a cityscape

360°: The Transforming Legacy of Oil

This 360° combines courses from Growth and Structure of Cities, Economics, and History to assess how oil has affected our built environment as well as local and global economies.

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Bags of grain

360°: Foodways and Migration

This 360° uses the frameworks of history, cultural studies, and archeology to examine the relationship between foodways and migration.

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Port Cities 360 in Marseille

360°: The Mediterranean as a Crossroads: History, Migrations, Identities

This 360°, composed of courses in History and French, examines the social, historical, artistic and cultural shape of the Mediterranean through the study of circum-Mediterranean port-cities and their populations.

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A stone wall with line drawings of figures on the left side of the frame; a row of 6 students and faculty on the right side of the frame observe and read a plaque about the art under a blue sky.

360°: Europe from the Margins

What does Europe look like from the perspectives of those whose voices are usually missing from mainstream narratives – the disempowered, queers, migrant laborers, artists, refugees, and people from Europe’s eastern and southern peripheries?

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Four students walk down a dirt road with brightly colored two-storey buildings on either side.

360°: African Traditions

Healing in a Globalized World

Students will explore the ways in which African societies are trying to overcome colonial legacies, promote well-being, and contribute to fashioning our interconnected world.

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Mural of pioneering women

360°: Changing Education

Changing Education, the first 360° offering at Bryn Mawr, is inspired by the College's 125th anniversary in 2010-11.

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360 students gather in front of a butterfly mural with arms outstretched

360°: Migrations

This 360° uses the lenses of cultural studies, history, and sociology to critically and comparatively examine migration in different national contexts and historical moments.

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