360° - Museum Studies Stories

Two rows of students and dancers (some kneeling in front) pose for cameras.

360°: Paradigms of Revival

Black Liberatory Education, Embodiment & the Arts

In a fundamentally decolonial spirit, this course cluster examines the ways colonialism has contained, collected, captured, and commodified Blackness, a practice that circulates objectified images of the peoples, cultures, and cultural objects of Africa and the African Diaspora.

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Blurred image of an art gallery

360°: Biennials and Conservation

Students in this 360° will engage a deeper history of Contemporary Art—one that considers the ways in which an artwork's exhibition and its care structure its meaning in complex ways.

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Century of Self Expression Exhibition

360°: Exhibiting Modern Art

This 360° will consider differences in addressing academy and community as audiences, and bring together theoretical and practical aspects of art history, art criticism, art exhibition, and art education.

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Photograph of Katharine Hepburn holding and looking into a hand mirror

360°: Mirroring the Self

Participants will study the history and theories of self-portraiture, self-representation, and self-fashioning in cultures around the globe from antiquity to the present.

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