360° - Sociology Stories


360°: Pathways to Policy

This cluster focuses on how policies in particular domains -- environment, economy, health, and education -- are developed and implemented in different national contexts.

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Six students cluster on a wooden platform with volcanic mountains, voluminous grey clouds, and a calm lake in the background. A student and a facilitator converse in the foreground, standing on large rocks near a retaining wall.

360°: Decolonizing Knowledges

This cluster uses the lenses of physics, sociology, and literary studies to critically and comparatively examine the ways we imagine and reimagine the worlds in which we live, from the cosmos to social structures and from cultural to personal experiences.

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Student reading a book

360°: Children's Books

Through the College’s Ellery Yale Wood Collection of children’s and young adult books, students will investigate childhood, explore literature, and creatively engage in the process of writing children’s literature.

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U.S. and Mexico map

360°: Migrations

This 360° will use the lenses of cultural studies, history, and sociology to critically and comparatively examine migration in different national contexts and historical moments.

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