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360°: Pathways to Policy

This cluster focuses on how policies in particular domains -- environment, economy, health, and education -- are developed and implemented in different national contexts.

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Illustration of a cityscape

360°: The Transforming Legacy of Oil

This 360° combines courses from Growth and Structure of Cities, Economics, and History to assess how oil has affected our built environment as well as local and global economies.

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China and the Environment 360 on factory tour

360°: China and the Environment

This 360° cluster, comprised of courses in philosophy, history (East Asian Studies), and economics, will look at the many environmental problems and issues that beset our contemporary world. We will explore the environment from the perspective of several disciplines: philosophy (both "Western" and "Eastern"), economics, history, politics, and natural science.

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Student jumping on campus

360°: Eco-Literacy

This Eco-Literacy 360° cluster considers our participation in the environment from the perspectives of economics, education, and various forms of literary and visual expression. Our goal is to develop a vocabulary for thinking, feeling and talking about the ways in which the places we live affect each of us, and how each of us affects the places we live.

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