360° - GSSWSR Stories

Stethoscope and globe

360°: Struggles for Global Health Equity

This 360° aims to help students begin to understand both significant problems of and promising approaches to the practice–and study–of community health promotion.

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Stethoscope and heart

360°: To Protect the Health of the Public

This 360° has as its goal a deepened understanding of public health. To do so, we offer three courses that focus on policy, history, culture, the place and power of government, and public and personal responsibility.

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Comic books

360°: Trauma and Resilience through Comics

This 360° pulls together theoretical perspectives on comics, narration, trauma, and recovery to explore critical dimensions of the global experience of trauma, with a focus on interdisciplinary understandings of suffering and survival.

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Artwork on a bulletin board

360°: Identity Matters

This cluster of courses, which have been co-designed by professors with shared interests in disability studies, gender studies, human development, literature, social work, visual studies and writing, will consider how multiple systems of identity, as Rosemarie Garland-Thomson says, “intertwine, redefine, and mutually constitute one another.”

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