Summer Global Opportunities/Study Abroad

Summer study abroad opportunities for Bryn Mawr College students are growing increasingly popular. Among these opportunities are those supported by the College listed below.

For other summer study abroad programs, the Registrar's Office will consider applications for course credit.

Institut d'Etudes Fran├žaises d'Avignon

  • A longstanding program under the auspices of Bryn Mawr College that offers a six-week intensive program in French literature, history, and theater studies.

BiCo-Ghana Thinking Together/Lagim Tehi Tuma Action Research Fellowship

  • Five BiCo students join with five students from the University for Development Studies in Ghana to participate in this fellowship, which combines team building, collaborative study, and education-focused internships (in a preschool, community radio station, computer training center, and cultural performance group) in a rural community in Northern Ghana. The goal of the program is to to rethink and co-create education through cultural exchange recognizing colonial pasts and moving towards just futures.

Russian Language Institute

  • Founded in 1977, the Russian Language Institute offers four- and eight-week programs in an exchange with several institutions in Russia.

Arabic Language and Interdisciplinary Learning Program in Jordan

  •  Bryn Mawr College is partnering with Sijal Institute in Amman to offer Arabic language and interdisciplinary study in Jordan. The program is open to Arabic students of all levels (beginners to advanced). Opportunities connected with the program include day trips throughout Jordan, cultural workshops, and a 5-week externship with a local organization.

Application for Other Summer Study Abroad Programs

The Registrar's Office will consider applications for course credit for other summer study abroad programs that are not run by Bryn Mawr College.

(Students applying to a summer program administered by Bryn Mawr College, such as the Institut d'Etudes Fran├žaises d'Avignon, Russian Language Institute, or International Summer School in China, do not need to complete this form.)