Africana Studies

The Africana Studies Program brings a global outlook to the study of Africa and its Diasporas.

Africana Studies extends far beyond the classroom.

Students participate in study abroad programs in Ghana, Zimbabwe, Senegal, and Capetown, and take praxis courses to engage in experiential learning in communities closer to home. Their projects often develop into critical and ongoing resources for the whole college community, such as the Black at Bryn Mawr digital archive and A Point of Difference, an exhibit on the experiences of Bryn Mawr students, faculty, and staff from Africa and the African Diaspora.

Africana Studies students also benefit from a wide variety of academic, intellectual, and social resources at Bryn Mawr College, including The Enid Cook '31 Center, and in the surrounding area, such as the unique African American Museum in Philadelphia.

To learn more, visit the Africana Studies program section on Inside Bryn Mawr.


A dedicated activist, Joy Rukanzakanza ’19 was one of a hundred students in the U.S. awarded the 2016 Davis Peace Projects Award.

Joy Rukanzakanza ’19
More schools have reached out to me about issues with HIV, teen pregnancies, and lack of facilities. I want to help them.

Degree Options

Africana Studies minor

Independent Major in Africana Studies

Students wishing to construct an independent major in Africana Studies should make a proposal to the Committee on Independent Majors.

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