Bryn Mawr’s Chemistry Department has a more than century-long tradition of combining high quality, visible research programs with excellent teaching.

About the Department

Our department offers a unique opportunity to study chemistry in an environment that is distinctive for these reasons:

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Unique Opportunities for Chemistry Majors

In addition to the major, students may elect to minor in computational methods or education, or complete a major in biochemistry. As well, the following programs are available to Bryn Mawr chemistry majors:

Special Programs

4+1 Partnership with Penn’s School of Engineering and Applied Science

Bryn Mawr's 4+1 Partnership with the University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering and Applied Science allows a student to begin work on a master’s degree in engineering while still enrolled as an undergraduate at Bryn Mawr.

3-2 Program in Engineering and Applied Science

Bryn Mawr — in partnership with the California Institute of Technology — allows a student interested in engineering to transfer, after three years at Bryn Mawr, to Caltech to complete two full years of work there. At the end of the five years, the student is awarded an A.B. degree by Bryn Mawr and a B.S. degree by Caltech. Programs are available in many areas of specialization.

Combined A.B./M.A. Degree Programs

The combined A.B./M.A. program lets the unusually well-prepared undergraduate student work toward a master’s degree while still completing the bachelor’s degree.

Degree Options

American Chemical Society Certified A.B

Recommended for graduate school

Chemistry major, A.B.

Chemistry major with concentration in biochemistry

Chemistry major with concentration in geochemistry

Chemistry minor

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