French and Francophone Studies

The Department of French and Francophone Studies is recognized as one of the top undergraduate French programs in the country.

Mission Statement

We wish to empower our students to: 

  1. Speak, read, and write in French with near-native proficiency.
  2. Engage the French and Francophone world and achieve cultural literacy.
  3. Become aware of cultural and linguistic diversity as global citizens who may someday work in the Francophone world.
  4. Communicate, with logic and empathy, among different perspectives and values especially in cross-cultural contexts.
  5. Think critically about texts, films, music, and fine arts as objects of inquiry.
  6. Analyze French and Francophone literatures as sources of human experience.
  7. Prepare for and pursue graduate studies, if they wish, in a variety of fields.

Visit the Department of French and Francophone Studies section on Inside Bryn Mawr for a detailed look at courses, information about faculty, and more.

A.B./M.A. Program

Bryn Mawr College offers its especially qualified undergraduates the opportunity to complete both the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in French in four years.

A.B./M.A. details Common Questions Research Interests

Pathways for French Majors

french pathways infographic

Institut d'Avignon

A six-week intensive summer program in Provence in French and Theater studies.

French countryside
Program Participants From 20 Institutions

Degree Options

French and Francophone Studies major, A.B.

French and Francophone Studies minor

A.B./M.A. in French and Francophone Studies

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