History at Bryn Mawr is about questioning and explaining how the past has been constructed, understood, and made into what we call "history." Our courses challenge students to actively participate in interpreting and making history, rather than merely reading and reflecting about the past.

A primary aim of the Department of History is to deepen students' sense of time as a factor in cultural diversity and change. Our program of study offers students the opportunity to experience the past through attention to long-range questions, comparative history, and complex causation.

Students learn about particular periods, cultures, and historical moments alongside mastering the ability to consider multiple viewpoints, aggregate data, articulate research questions, marshal evidence, and construct arguments, and have opportunities to engage with digital humanities and public history.

Our courses stress the development and circulation of ideas, cultures, and institutions, not just the accumulation of data about particular events.

For more information on the opportunities and offerings of History at Bryn Mawr, visit the department page on Inside Bryn Mawr. 


Isidora Delizo Armentrout ’13

Isidora Delizo Armentrout ’13 was a history major at Bryn Mawr and is now an account manager at Amazon Web Services. At Real Talk with BIPOC Alums in Business, Armentrout talked about pursuing her career passion, her advice for current students, and more.

Isidora Delizo Armentrout
My history degree taught me the ability to evaluate disparate sources of information, distill them, and effectively present ideas/decisions based on them. This is a skill I apply on a daily basis in my work.

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History major, A.B.

History minor