Rhodes Beach Summer

Adventurous Academics

Hone your intellect in small classes with our 8:1 student-to-faculty ratio, learn from every angle and frequently apply your knowledge to scenarios outside the classroom.

First-Year Seminar

Our Emily Balch Seminars introduce all first-year students at Bryn Mawr to a critical, probing, thoughtful approach to the world and our roles in it.

Through intensive reading and writing, the E-Sem challenges students to think about complex, wide-ranging issues from a variety of perspectives.

Admissions Balch feature
Micah Sheppard, '26
My E-Sem was called Empathy—I loved having a writing seminar where I could learn the philosophical aspects of a concept and why we use it. My E-Sem was very impactful for me because it made me feel comfortable writing at the college level and my professor really made me feel encouraged and supported in the adjustment to the classroom environment.

The mastery of skills is essential to meaningful scholarship. At Bryn Mawr we emphasize critical reasoning, reasoned argument, clear expression, and the ability to solve problems creatively and work across disciplines.


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Interdisciplinary Opportunities

Interdisciplinary and interactive, 360° Course Clusters build on Bryn Mawr's strong institutional history of applying learning outside the classroom. You'll take 2-3 courses that are grounded in different disciplines, but organized around a central theme or question. Each cluster includes an experiential component that is entirely College-funded and provides you the opportunity to bond with faculty and peers, while reflecting on the intersectionality of your work. Through the 360° experience, you'll learn to shape arguments through writing and research, develop strategies for teamwork that push the limits of your creativity, and work with professors and scholars to engage in big-picture thinking.