Programs and Opportunities

There are several programs open to Bi-Co students, faculty, and staff to participate in the Teaching and Learning Institute’s exploration and reenvisioning of classroom practice.

Artwork by Lauren Lattimore '21.

Students as Learners and Teachers (SaLT) Program

  • One-on-one, semester-long partnerships between a faculty member and an undergraduate student who is not currently enrolled in the faculty member’s course; can be linked to Faculty Pedagogy Seminars or be free-standing

Learn more about the SaLT Program on the expanded TLI website.

Pedagogy Circles for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Weekly, student-led, semi-structured conversations designed to support cross-constituency dialogue around developing inclusive, equitable, and anti-racist approaches to teaching and learning across campus contexts (within and beyond classrooms)

Learn more about the Pedagogy Circles on the expanded TLI website.

Faculty Pedagogy Seminars

  • Semester-long, weekly seminar course (along with SaLT partnerships) offered as an option to all incoming faculty members in exchange for a reduced teaching load in their first year

Learn more about Faculty Pedagogy Seminars on the expanded TLI website.

Ad hoc, One Time Consultations with Students

  • One-time, thirty to sixty-minute consultation for faculty to discuss their syllabi, an assignment, or any other class element to develop more inclusive pedagogical strategies

Learn more about Ad hoc, One Time Consultations with Students on the expanded TLI website. You can sign up for them here.

Pedagogical Workshops

  • Weekly, two-hour-long sessions offered to graduate students as stand-alone or a full-credit course 

Learn more about pedagogical workshops for graduate students on the expanded TLI website.