Assistant Professor Nisrin Elamin on the Military Coup in Sudan

November 1, 2021

Nisrin Elamin, an assistant professor of international studies, is among the experts interviewed by Al Jazeera about the recent military coup in in Sudan for their podcast "The Take."

Elamin's research explores the relationship between land, belonging, migration, and geopolitics in postsecession Sudan and the broader Sahel region.

And while Elamin, who is Sudanese, draws on her academic expertise in the interview, she also talks about the personal impact of the coup and the reaction of her father, who had participated in student protests to get the British out of Sudan and more recent protests that led to the toppling of President Omar al-Bashir in 2019.

"He's watching this both quite depressed about the unfolding situation but also telling me that we can't give up hope because we don't have the privilege of giving up hope. We can't allow Sudan to be highjacked and return to military rule."

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