Bryn Mawr Students Present Research at Conference on the Ancient World

February 22, 2022

Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology majors Talia R. BarNoy '22 and Daniel D'Elia '22 were among the students who presented at the Fourth-Annual Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Conference on the Ancient World.

Daniel gave a presentation on "The Dissemination and Transformation of Astronomical Knowledge in Medieval Al-Andalus: A Look into the Relationship between Astronomy and Political Power." Talia's presentation focused on "The Acropolis of Athens in the Classical Period as a Story Space."

Daniel is from Connecticut and minoring in physics. After graduation, Daniel will be pursuing a master's degree in Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology through Bryn Mawr's A.B./M.A. program.

Talia is from New York City and minoring in creative writing.

"I am still figuring out where I will be after Bryn Mawr but it will most likely involve me being hunkered down in a library researching," says Talia. "Bryn Mawr has helped me discover how much I really enjoy exploring topics that spark my curiosity; it’s given me the space to fall down rabbit holes of research."

Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology