Class of 2020: Bethany Mathews

May 8, 2020
Bethany Mathews

Majors: Spanish and Independent Creative Writing

Hometown: Bristow, VA

Post-Graduation Plans: Working with arts non-profits to expand the accessibility of the arts!

Message for the Class of 2024: When people say these four years will go by quickly, you may not take it seriously, but please take advantage of every opportunity you get! College is about learning, and that doesn’t always mean studying from a textbook. Sometimes you have to go into Philly at 10 on a Tuesday night or stay up with friends watching the sun rise to truly learn. You never know when it will end, so do it all. 

More than anything, I want to thank my co-workers at the dining hall- from full-time staff to student workers. You provided me with my first sense of community on this campus and gave me the tools to become the leader that I now am. I’ll miss the dish machine breaking, homemade ice sculptures, and catching robes on fire. All of the love.

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