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Faculty Publication: Associate Professor and Chair of Physics David Schaffner

July 12, 2023

Summary Report from the Mini-Conference on Workforce Development through Research-based, Plasma-focused Activities

Authors: Evdokiya G. Kostadinova, Shannon Greco, Maajida Murdock, Ernesto Barraza-Valdez, Hannah R. Hasson, Imani Z. West-Abdallah, Cheryl A. Harper, Katrina Brown, Earl Scime, Franklin Dollar, Carl Greninger, Bryan Stanley, Elizabeth Oxford, David Schaffner, Laura Provenzani, Chandra Breanne Curry, Claudia Fracchiolla, Shams El-Adawy, Saikat Chakraborty Thakur, Dmitri Orlov, Caroline Anderson

Source: Physics of Plasmas, Volume: 30, Issue: 6, Article Number: 060601, DOI: 10.1063/5.0144847, June 2023

Type of Publication: Article

Abstract: This report is a summary of the mini-conference on Workforce Development Through Research-Based, Plasma-Focused Science Education and Public Engagement held during the 2022 American Physical Society Division of Plasma Physics annual meeting. The motivation for organizing this mini-conference originates from recent studies and community-based reports highlighting important issues with the current state of the plasma workforce. Here, we summarize the main findings presented in the two speaker sessions of the mini-conference, the challenges, and recommendations identified in the discussion sessions and the results from a post-conference survey. We further provide information on initiatives and studies presented at the mini-conference, along with references to further resources.

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