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Faculty Publication: Professor of East Asian Languages and Cultures Shiamin Kwa

April 8, 2024

Making Magic: Comics and the Ekphrastic Art of the Almost There

Author: Shiamin Kwa

Source: The Routledge Companion to Literature and Art, Edited by Neil Murphy, W. Michelle Wang, Cheryl Julia Lee, March 2024

Publication Type: Chapter in a book

Description: Shiamin Kwa's "Making Magic: Comics and the Ekphrastic Art of the Almost There" examines how graphic artist Jerry Moriarty's "paintoons" function as a mode of comics' self-theorization, where Kwa considers how comics may be regarded as a "natively ekphrastic form," in which word and image are mutually augmenting. Kwa argues that comics can facilitate "an ekphrastic circuit," where the use of painterly effects such as pentimento can draw readers'/viewers' attention to the complex relationships among time, memory, and materiality.

Shiamin Kwa is co-chair and professor of East Asian Languages and Cultures, and co-director of comparative literature.