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New Faculty: Assistant Professor of Mathematics John Bergdall

September 10, 2018
Professor of Mathematics John Bergdall

As we begin the semester, we're highlighting Bryn Mawr's newest faculty members. The College supports faculty excellence in both research and teaching.

My research interests lie in number theory, a field largely concerned with problems about algebraic equations and whole numbers. My specific focus is on families of modular forms, which provide exciting context in which to explore deep connections between representation theory, algebraic geometry, and Galois theory. I have been previously awarded an NSF fellowship for postdoctoral research at Boston University. In 2017 I was an invited researcher at two international research centers: the IHES outside Paris and the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in Bonn.

Bryn Mawr's Department of Mathematics is a vibrant and supportive community with a program that has been nationally recognized by the American Mathematical Society. 

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