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Staff Spotlight: Candice Love

October 3, 2023
Headshot of Candice Love

Candice Love joined Bryn Mawr at the end of August as the College's new Director of The Impact Center for Community, Equity, and Understanding. In her Staff Spotlight, Love introduces herself and her new role at the College.

Can you explain your role as director of The Impact Center for Community, Equity, and Understanding? 

In my role, I provide leadership and strategic direction to AMOs, to Black at Bryn Mawr, the ILLC (which is the new affinity housing), as well as programming and trainings related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism. I lead efforts that center on belonging and welcoming to enhance community and life on campus. 

What drew you to this position at Bryn Mawr? 

This role encompassed all the things I enjoy doing, all the things I have done, and all in one location. I have a background in immigration, advocacy, and programming, so I really enjoy that this role involves all of that. I also really enjoy the feeling of working in higher education. 

What are your hopes for this role? 

I hope that I can build connections with students, staff, and faculty. I want to get to know more about the history of Bryn Mawr and find new ways to improve the campus and determine the direction that folks need to feel empowered and welcome here. I hope that my background and experience really compliment the role, and that students feel that I am there for them. 

Are there resources from your office that you would like more students to know about? 

We have resources for undocumented and DACAmented students, peer support networks, an assistance fund, and we provide dorm essentials for students who are in need of basic necessities. 

We also have The Dialogue Project. I’ve attended one session so far, and getting to know people who are different than me creates a bit of vulnerability, but it creates an openness as well.  

There are student-led programs like our AMOS, our Alliance of Multicultural Organizations. And I love seeing these groups because it gives the students a sense of empowerment and it creates an opportunity for them to lead programs that they are passionate about.

Can you take us through your career journey and what has led you here? 

For academics, my undergraduate degree is in international studies and business, and then my master's degree is in international peace and conflict resolution. I have a second master’s in management, and my doctorate is in management and organizational leadership.  

I started off working at a university in Glenside for international services. So, I would oversee all of the study abroad programs, petitions for J-1 for our exchange students, and F-1 visas for our international students. I moved on to being a paralegal preparing visa petitions for international medical graduates coming into the U.S., and then started doing a lot of programming helping them get work in the United States and into medical residency programs. I transitioned into being a director of a Christian youth ministry, and then an adjunct professor at Cabrini University. 

Can you share where your passion for immigration advocacy comes from? 

I believe in building bridges; I think that having a diverse community creates richness. Getting to know people who are different, have different traditions, upbringings, and beliefs creates a sense of empathy and understanding. I think we are better off knowing people who have grown up differently than us. So, I like to make a way for people to have easier transitions and do whatever they are passionate about, whether it's in life, work, or education. 

I think it's also partly because I struggled so much in my youth. Growing up, we didn't have a lot of the resources that are available now, so I was fortunate to have a village of people who helped me accomplish my goals. I suppose it is why I enjoy being a resource to others and walking with people through their journey. It makes me happy to cheer people on along the way, lift them up when they are discouraged, and celebrate them in the end.   

How do you like to spend your time outside of work? 

I am a Harley girl; I ride a motorcycle and I love the sense of peace and therapy it brings me. I’m also a big traveler. Whether it’s local or international, I love exploring new cultures and traditions.