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Black at Bryn Mawr

The Black at Bryn Mawr program brings to light the previously hidden stories and experiences of African-American students, staff and faculty at the College. The program draws on the initial research of Grace Pusey '15 and Emma Kioko '15.

The History of Black at Bryn Mawr

Since 2015, when the project began, these stories and experiences, as well as critical documents and photographs, have been archived on Bryn Mawr's website and shared in workshops and on walking tours. The program evolves along with the College and as additional research is conducted, chiefly by students and through the College's Special Collections, and is currently adding a mentoring component.

In the summer of 2018, Impact Center Fellow Jada Ceasar conducted research on the sustainability of the program, looking at peer institutions Mount Holyoke and Smith.

In 2020, coordinator Khari Bowman and that year's tour guides created a virtual tour, which has been presented to a wide range of audiences since.

In the fall of 2021, under the leadership of Fatmata Sesay, tour guides began presenting an in-person tour once again.

The Black at Bryn Mawr program is coordinated by Adalia X. Rodriguez '24 ( and Autumn Johnson '24 (, with support from The Impact Center for Community, Equity and Understanding and additional support from College Archivist Allison Mills.

2023-24 Tour Guides:
Adalia Xiony Rodriguez (Coordinator)
Autumn Joy Johnson (Coordinator)

Aishah Abidogun
Daniella Jacob
Jasmine Marshall
Gabrielle Stewart

The Black at Bryn Mawr tour is currently offered during THRIVE, New Faculty Orientation, Alumnae/i Leadership Summit, Family and Friends Weekend, and Reunion Weekend.

In addition to the above-referenced opportunities, individuals and groups can request tours. We expect to be able to offer both online and in-person tours in 2022-23. In the past, we have had groups who wanted to experience the tour in order to promote dialogue within the department or group. We also welcome faculty who want their students to experience the tour as a component of their course.

***Please note: At present, there is great demand for the tour. Thank you for your patience!***

Black at Bryn Mawr Tour Request

Black at Bryn Mawr seeks students to lead tours in the 2022-23 academic year, with the possibility of summer 2022 work as well.

Applications are due March 27th by 11:59 PM EDT. Applicants may be asked to participate in an online interview in early April. Those hired will participate in paid training.

Questions? Contact Fatmata Sesay ( or Vanessa Christman (

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