Summer Internships: Ariel Shultz '24

October 7, 2022

Name: Ariel Shultz
Class Year: 2024
Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Summit, NJ

Internship Organization: Library & Information Technology Services (LITS) at Bryn Mawr College
Job Title: Digital Technology Intern
Location: Bryn Mawr, PA

What’s happening at your internship?

I am a digital technology intern in Bryn Mawr College’s LITS department and there are many different projects we worked on. In the mornings, the other interns and I focused on projects pertaining to digital accessibility. We used the software Drupal 9 to restructure two access services webpages on Bryn Mawr College’s website to be more accessible and update the content. We also spent a large chunk of time learning about and creating a relational database for assistive technology app’s that we linked to the redesigned access services pages. This database offers users the ability to search by categories or use a filtered search to find the type of assistive technology app they are looking for. In the afternoons, we headed to the Makerspace in Park to tackle various projects there. We created a brand-new website for the Makerspace using WordPress where students can learn more about the space, the equipment, make appointments, and so much more! We also created blueprints of the Makerspace and restructured the physical layout to be more accessible and inclusive. One of the cool things we got to do was also learn how to use the equipment in the Digital Fabrication Lab and the Woodshop. We learned how to use software’s like Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. I made some stickers on the Roland BN-20, used the Epilog Fusion Edge 24 laser to make a laser cut out of myself, and used multiple tools and equipment in the woodshop to create multiple projects. We accomplished so much in our ten weeks, and I got to learn how to use different technologies to make Bryn Mawr College more accessible and inclusive.

Why did you apply for this internship?

I applied to this internship because of its emphasis on accessibility and on learning new technologies. I am someone who is eager to expand my technical skills and knowledge, and I liked how this internship was seeking individuals who were willing to experiment with new technologies. I also really liked how there was an overall focus around utilizing technology to improve accessibility and inclusivity on campus. I believe that technology can and should be available to everyone regardless of disability, so I wanted to work on projects that helped disabled individuals on campus utilize digital tools.

What has been your favorite part of this internship?

My favorite part of the internship was creating an assistive technology app database. Before we could begin building the database, we spent time collecting all the information we wanted the database to store. We started with an apps list which had hundreds of apps, a description about each one, their price, their operating system, and a link to download them. We then created categories and subcategories of these apps and designed the structure of this relational database. Using a site called Airtable, we created and organized dozens of tables with information based on the categories of these apps. Then using a site called Pory, we began the long process of developing user-friendly search methods to access the database. With features such as a search by categories, filtered search, and linked navigation trail, we were able to create a working database for the Bryn Mawr community to use. It was cool to get some individuals outside of the team to do some user testing. We got really great feedback from those who tested the site, and it was such a great learning experience to create this database. It felt really rewarding to complete this big project and I think it can be really helpful to students and other individuals at Bryn Mawr!

What is something you have learned from this internship that you didn’t expect?

Something I learned that I didn’t expect was my project management skills. We had so many different projects and tasks to complete in just 10 weeks so we spent a lot of time organizing and working as a time to figure out the best ways to tackle each project. Whether it be communicating through Microsoft Teams, holding zoom meetings to strategize solutions for any challenge that arose, or collaborate on tasks, this internship really helped me strengthen my teamwork and planning skills.

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