Computer Science

Computer Science consists of the science of algorithms as well as the design and implementation of computer systems.

The Computer Science program at Bryn Mawr is founded on the belief that computer science should transcend from being a subfield of mathematics and engineering and play a broader role in all forms of human inquiry. The department is supported jointly by faculty at both Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges. 

Both the major and the minor emphasize foundations and basic principles of information science with the goal of providing students with skills that transcend short-term trends in computer hardware and software.

To learn more about the Computer Science program, visit the department page on Inside Bryn Mawr.


Syalomee Pradhan '24

Through her internship at The Think Tank and Civil Societies Program, Syalomee used both STEM and humanities skills to find the implications of technology on policy and society.

photo of Syalomee Pradhan

Degree Options

Computer Science major, A.B.

Computer Science minor