Computer Science

For more information about being a student in computer science, contact the major reps: Minolta Ndlovu (mndlovu), Judy Wang (jwang6), Nitisha Bhandari nbhandari@bmc, and Faryal Khan fakhan@bmc.

2021-22 College Awards for CS Majors

Tino Nguruve '22, David Projects for Peace
Menna Mostafa Khaliel '22, Judy Loomis Gould Scholarship for Study Abroad
Zaynab Ghazi '22, Maria L. Eastman Brooke Hall Memorial Scholarship

Congratulations to Tino, Menna, and Zaynab!

Courses for Spring 2022 (Links coming soon)

CMSC 113 Computer Science 1 (Kumar)
CMSC 151 Data Structures (Towell)
CMSC 223 Systems Programming (Normoyle)
CMSC 240 Principles of Computer Organization (Murphy)
CMSC 337 Algorithms: Design & Practice (Kumar)
CMSC 353 Software Engineering (Murphy)
CMSC 383 Recent Advances in CS: Database Systems in Practice (Towell)
CMSC 399 Senior Conference (Normoyle)

All classes are in-person only.

Resources for Self-Study for 2021-22

Please, be safe. Get vaccinated. Wear a mask.