Bryn Mawr College Computer Science Faculty & Students at 2022 Grace Hopper Conference

Computer Science

We are hiring! We are accepting applications for a full-time visiting faculty position. Contact Prof. Dianna Xu for more details.

Prospective students: check out our page describing the Computer Science program, including major and minor requirements, or contact one of our Major Reps: Alana Burgess (atburgess), Audrey Yang (aqyang), Lily Davoren (ldavoren) and Selin Butun (sbutun).

Courses for Fall 2023

CMSC 109 Introduction to Computing (Moskol)

CMSC 113 Computer Science 1 (section 1: Towell)

CMSC 113 Computer Science 1 (section 2: Poliak)

CMSC 151 Data Structures (Poliak)

CMSC 223 Systems Programming (Kumar)

CMSC 231 Discrete Math (Moskol)

CMSC 245 Programming Languages (Towell)

CMSC 340 Analysis of Algorithms (Xu)

CMSC 373 Artificial Intelligence (Kumar)

Academic Advisors

2024 Prof. Kumar

2025 Prof. Xu

2026 Prof. Poliak

2027 Prof. Normoyle

All Minors Prof. Towell