Bryn Mawr College Computer Science Faculty & Students at 2022 Grace Hopper Conference

Computer Science

We are hiring! We are accepting applications for a full-time visiting faculty position. Contact Prof. Dianna Xu for more details.

Prospective students: check out our page describing the Computer Science program, including major and minor requirements, or contact one of our Major Reps: Alana Burgess (atburgess), Audrey Yang (aqyang), Lily Davoren (ldavoren) and Selin Butun (sbutun).

Courses for Spring 2024

CMSC 113 Computer Science 1 (Dinella)

CMSC 151 Data Structures (Dinella)

CMSC 231 Discrete Math (Zhou)

CMSC 240 Computer Organization (Kumar)

CMSC 337 Algorithms: Design & Practice (Towell)

CMSC 355 Operating Systems (Xu)

CMSC 383-001 Databases in Practice (Towell)

CMSC 383-002 Deep Learning/LLM (Gandhi)

CMSC 399 Senior Conference (Kumar)

Academic Advisors

2024 Prof. Kumar

2025 Prof. Xu

2026 Prof. Poliak

2027 Prof. Normoyle

All Minors Prof. Towell