Computer Science class of 2022 and some faculty.

Computer Science

For more information about being a student in computer science, contact the major reps: Minolta Ndlovu (mndlovu), Judy Wang (jwang6).

Welcome to our new faculty Adam Poliak!

Courses for Fall 2022 (Links coming soon)

CMSC 109 Introduction to Computing (Kumar)
CMSC 113 Computer Science 1 (Section 1: Normoyle)
CMSC 113 Computer Science 1 (Section 2: Poliak)
CMSC 151 Data Structures (Towell)
CMSC 223 Systems Programming (Normoyle)
CMSC 231 Discrete Mathematics (Xu)
CMSC 245 Principles of Programming Languages (Towell)
CMSC 283 Topics in Computer Science: CS in Society (Murphy)
CMSC 325 Computational Linguistics (Kumar)
CMSC 340 Analysis of Algorithms (Xu)

All classes are in-person only.

Resources for Self-Study for 2022-23

Please, be safe. Get vaccinated, boosted. Wear a mask.