The goals of the psychology department are to provide students with a foundational understanding of the theories and scientific methods that psychologists use to explore questions fundamental to human and animal behavior. Specifically, students majoring in psychology will:

  1. Develop a conceptual map of the field
  2. Develop the ability to be critical in evaluating theory and evidence as it is presented in the literature
  3. Develop the ability to marshal evidence and support arguments in both written and oral form
  4. Engage in progressively more complex activities involving the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data
  5. Apply psychological skills and knowledge to address real-world issues

​​The collective diversity of scholarship, experiences and identities reflected in our faculty and students strengthen our community, and we are committed to fostering a department where everyone feels they belong and can succeed. 

To this end, the Department of Psychology offers students a major program that allows a choice of courses from a wide variety of fields in psychology including biological, clinical, cognitive, cultural, developmental, health, and social psychology.

In addition to the considerable breadth offered, the program encourages students to focus on their areas of interest through advanced coursework including laboratory and seminar classes, as well as through supervised research. Students have the opportunity to pursue research in various ways, including through advanced supervised research courses (PSYC B403), a senior thesis (PSYC B400), summer research opportunities, and more. For additional information about getting involved in research, click here.   

Many of our faculty are involved in related programs, which students may choose to minor in or to build specialization. Specifically, students may minor in: Child and Family Studies, Data Science, Health Studies, or Neuroscience.

At a broad level, the major program equips students with the ability to think critically and evaluate evidence, skills that are essential to a diverse range of careers after graduation. Our students have found that the major program provides a strong foundation for graduate work in psychology and related fields. Psychology majors have also gone on to have successful careers in a variety of fields, including law, medicine, public health, social work, journalism, marketing, human resources, and other professions that depend upon a knowledge of human behavior.

Click here for more information about the major/minor requirements.



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