Research and Internship Opportunities

Bryn Mawr Psychology faculty have breadth and excellence of academic training and a high degree of professional accomplishment in a wide variety of research fields. All full-time faculty in the Psychology department maintain active research programs in which they involve students. They also share a commitment to the basic value of a liberal arts education and mentoring students through research experience as a pathway to success for students.

Students have the opportunity to pursue research in various ways, including 

  • through advanced supervised research courses (PSYC B403)
  • a senior thesis (PSYCH B400)
  • the development of praxis courses at external institutions
  • volunteering 
  • summer research opportunities 

….and more. 

If you are interested in getting involved in research, learn more about faculty members’ areas of expertise and current research interests by visiting our faculty pages and exploring recent publications, here. Once you have identified a faculty member who you are interested in working with, contact them directly to discuss possible opportunities. 

Click here if you would like to connect with current psychology majors in the department first to discuss how to navigate getting involved in research.

Click here to learn more about undergraduate research opportunities supported by the College. 

Learning by Doing

Bryn Mawr's Career and Civic Engagement Center offers professional and personal development programs that unite a strong foundation in the liberal arts with active engagement in the world beyond Bryn Mawr. Click here to learn more about the opportunities.

Career Planning

Your liberal arts education provides you with the critical skills to think logically, work collaboratively and communicate effectively with others, analyze information, and provide creative solutions with a global perspective. The Career and Civic Engagement Center offers a variety of resources to help you identify your interests and potential career paths. Click here to learn more about career planning.