Data Science

Data are an omnipresent aspect of modern life. Commercial, governmental, and non-profit organizations increasingly depend on data for their daily operations and planning. Massive amounts of personal data are generated daily. How such data are used and interpreted raises significant moral and social issues and is likely to influence the well-being and functioning of individuals, communities, environments and societies.

The Data Science (DS) Program is an interdisciplinary collaboration that includes a minor in Data Science and significant programming for all in the Bryn Mawr community. This programming includes workshops, guest speakers and ongoing discussion series. Through the minor and its general programming DS seeks to increase knowledge of data analytics, computational approaches, data-driven decision making, data structures and management, and the social and ethical implications of data across all the divisions of the college.

DS also works closely with the Career and Civic Engagement Center to provide students with opportunities to pursue data science-related internships and jobs and to learn more about career paths in data science.


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Data Science

Marc Schulz
Professor of Psychology on the Sue Kardas Ph.D. 1971 Professorship and Director of Data Science

Nina Fichera
Administrative Support Staff