360° Stories

hand-painted banner reading "feminismo" held by women at an outdoor march

360°: Feminisms in Latin America

As part of a genealogy of feminisms within the Global South, feminisms in Latin America have critically engaged with mainstream euro-centric feminist debates but also contributed theoretical, political, epistemological, and socio-cultural approaches and tools to identify, examine, interrogate, contest, and dismantle structural oppressions.

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Illustration of a cityscape

360°: The Transforming Legacy of Oil

This 360° combines courses from Growth and Structure of Cities, Economics, and History to assess how oil has affected our built environment as well as local and global economies.

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360°: Perspectives on Sustainability

Disasters and Rebuilding Japan

We invite students to study the history of disaster rebuilding and the impact of the built environment on art and literature as part of broader networks of interactions both in East Asia and the West.

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Tree with two different environments

360°: Science, Power, and Truth

How can we use science to respond to the criticisms of those in power that might disagree with our fundamental assumptions about the reliability of scientific facts?

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360 Performance Across Language and Cultures

360°: Performance Across Language and Culture

A series of international festivals such as the Globe to Globe Cultural Olympiad in London in 2012 has raised the visibility of cross-language productions, yielding a messy but rich trove of reception records in social media, scholarship, and reviews. This 360 takes a close look at these phenomena, asking students to engage it as performers, audience members, teachers, and scholars – studying and experimenting with multilingual and vernacular stagings.

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Stethoscope and heart

360°: To Protect the Health of the Public

This 360° has as its goal a deepened understanding of public health. To do so, we offer three courses that focus on policy, history, culture, the place and power of government, and public and personal responsibility.

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360 student group

360°: Poetics and Politics of Race

The goal of this 360° is to unpack how meaning is made from representations of race—from artifacts in an anthropological context, to representations in literature, to how people teach and learn.

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Two students observe a large blue gem

360°: Minerals, Museums, and Western Colonialism

This 360 will examine that question in the context of Bryn Mawr College’s mineral collection: more than 40,000 specimens, most of which were sampled in the mid- to late-19th century.

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360°: Eurasia in the Anthropocene: Trans-Siberian Ecological Perspectives

This cluster focuses on the ecology of Russia and its largest neighbor to the East, China, through various cultural, scientific, and social lenses.

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Comic books

360°: Trauma and Resilience through Comics

This 360° pulls together theoretical perspectives on comics, narration, trauma, and recovery to explore critical dimensions of the global experience of trauma, with a focus on interdisciplinary understandings of suffering and survival.

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Wind turbines and solar panels

360°: Renewable Energy

In an effort to shift focus toward a more scientific approach to renewable energy, this two-course 360° gave students the opportunity to explore energy alternatives from a data-driven perspective.

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A hand-drawn open mouth with a tounge sticking out. The tounge is divided into colored sections labeled clockwise from left "nation", "memory", "politics", "class", "history", "culture", and at the center, "self".

360°: Taste

What are the stories behind the flavors that we taste? How much of taste is individual, and how much is social? Why do some flavors taste good to us, while others don't? Why do different people sometimes have very different reactions to the same foods? How do taste preferences change across space and over time?

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